In Kalmykia, known for its chess traditions, other kinds of sport are also in great respect. There are more than thirty sport federations, societies, schools and clubs in the republic, most prominent among them are federations of chess, football, athletics, taekwando, boxing and weight-liffing, as well as children and youth sport schools of wrestling, boxing, horseracing and volleyball. Special attention is given to traditional Kalmyk sports like horseracing, wrestling, javelin throwing and bowing.


For sport fans, 1997 was marked by the success of Kalmyk football team 'Uralan' which made its way to Premier League of Russia through most difficult matches. This example is followed by younger football players from the youth team 'Uralan-2' and children's football team (the latter winning the right to take part in the Russian championship in their age group).


Motorcycfists of Kalmykia many times participated in national and international competitions. Trainer - Z. Badmayev, Honored Master of Sport of the USSR.


These young sportsmen are training for their future boxing matches under the guidance of Tseren Batzanov, Honored Trainer of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sport of Russian Federation, Honored Citizen of Kalmykia. The most talented of them S. fdatiyev has already won several prizes in the large Russian competitions. He has a model to follow - one of Tseren Balzanov's pupils Raimkul Malakhbekov, twice Champion of Europe, Champion of Russia (1993-1998), Bronze Medalist of Good Will Games (1994), World Champion (1995, 1997), Bronze Medalist of the Olympic Games of 1996 (Atlanta, Georgia), prize winner of numerous national and international tournaments.


Eastern martial arts like taekwando, aikido, karate are very popular with the Kalmyk youth. Most prominent are the achievements of young taekwandoka. Kermen Mandzhiyeva won the first international tournament for children of 1996 in Tegu (South Korea). Bairta Sempisheva is a candidate to the Olympic team of Russia and is preparing for Olympiad - 2000 in Australia.

The success of young taekwandoka is credited to their trainer Vladimir Dovdanov, President of Taekwando Federation, Black Belt Holder.


You will find no Kalmyk who is indifferent to horses or horseracing. Horseracing is one of the most popular sports in Kalmykia. This love goes back to the nomadic past of the Kalmyk, famous for their great horsemanship. A mighty horse Aranzat, a loyal friend of his master, a heroic warrior Dzhanghar, is one of the favourite characters of the Kalmyk folklore.

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